Kuang Teng Mold Co., Ltd

Kuang Teng Mold, established in 1981 and located in Taiwan, is a professional plastic injection mold design and manufacturing company. We have over 20 years experience in this field; export high quality molds to
overseas and supply OEM/ODM service.


With new technology and experienced engineer, every mold is designed by 3D CAD software and made by high precision CNC tooling machines. So, we can guarantee you the high precision and mold quality.

We have the ability of design and making our own hot runner system and widely apply it on most of our new molds. Hot runner mold is featured as no runner wastes produced in molding procedure. That means we can save labors in both procession and material recycling; make production automatically.

Our vision is to become a best partner of our customer; save costs and create benefits in every aspect.

Quality, competitive price, Innovation and best service are our promise to customers.

Thin Casting Container Mold:

  • In-Mold-Labeling Food container
  • Various Microwavable Food containers
  • Plastic Cups
  • Spoons, Forks, Knifes, Food utensils
  • Buckets

Mold demo
(shot speed may varies from machines)

Hot runner
plastic ejection Molds:
Professionally design and make various plastic product molds with hot runner